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Sierra Brashear

We are the Tipping Point: How Women are Guiding the Necessary Leadership rEvolut
Sierra Brashear, Restorative Leadership Institute, is Director of Communications for the Restorative Leadership Institute, founder and president of Vibrant Souls (a Boulder-based company that seeks to elevate ancient wisdom for women’s wellness) and secretary for the board of directors of the non-profit Midwife International. Having worked on environmental, global health and women’s leadership projects in Africa, Central America and at home in Colorado, Sierra has a broad perspective on the challenges that face our world and has witnessed, first-hand, some of their most creative solutions. Sierra is the supporting author for the forthcoming book, We Are the Tipping Point: How Women are Guiding the Necessary Leadership rEvolution, by Dr. Seana Steffen. Sierra holds a BA in Environmental Policy from the University of Colorado at Boulder and an MA in Natural Resources and Environmental Security from the United Nations Mandated University for Peace.