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Nanna L. Meyer

University of Colorado
Nanna L. Meyer is Associate Professor in Health Sciences at the University of Colorado (UCCS). Nanna founded the UCCS Sport Nutrition Graduate Program. Nanna has been in Olympic sport nutrition since 1996 and contributes to sport nutrition research in winter sports and athletes at risk for energy deficiency. She worked with the United States Olympic Committee and supported athletes at five Olympic games. Nanna was a founding member of Sports Dietetics USA and Professionals in Nutrition for Exercise and Sport. As the world’s urgency to address climate and health is rising, more of Nanna’s time is devoted to localizing the Colorado food system and its multitude of challenges and opportunities when addressing food through the lens of health and sustainability in higher education, inter-disciplinarily within the field of health professions and trans-disciplinarily across academic fields. With a team of graduate students, Nanna links farmers to people’s kitchens using concepts of food literacy, such as the Flying Carrot and UCCS’s Farmhouse SWELL (Sustainability, Wellness, and Learning) initiative.