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Jason P Gerhardt

People + Pattern Supporter
Jason Gerhardt has been applying permaculture design in diverse bioregions from the deserts of Arizona to the fresh water lakes of New York for over a decade. He holds a BA in Sustainable Design as well as a Diploma in the fields of Permaculture Design and Education. He is known for extensive knowledge of integrated ecological design in urban areas, plant ecology, green infrastructure, and agricultural biodiversity preservation.

Jason’s background includes higher education campus planning, farm and ranch site development, consulting on how to apply permaculture principles to groups from K-12 schools to conservation organizations, and developing a bioregional vegetable seed business. He has taught for many notable organizations including the US EPA, Permaculture Institute USA, University of Colorado, Naropa University, Oregon State University, as well as many private community groups and initiatives.

Jason practices ecological design professionally through Real Earth Design. His work was recently featured in Toby Hemenway's book The Permaculture City.