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Gary Roland

In 2008 Gary Roland worked as a Construction Manager, managing capital improvements for a 78 building real estate portfolio in partnership with the largest wealth manager in the world, BlackRock LLP. By 2010, Gary was homeless, had given away most of his possessions and was riding his single speed bicycle from Brooklyn towards Key West. During this transformational moment, Gary set an intention to never again work 'just for money' and to make sure that every project he undertook satisfied his passions to transform the world. In 2011 Gary returned to NYC to help organize Bloombergville. Several months later Gary was again in NYC organizing with the Activist Legal, Labor Outreach, Facilitation and Tactical working groups of Occupy Wall Street. In 2012 Gary worked on the ground in New Orleans with the Occupy Isaac hurricane relief effort and then again in the Far Rockaways with Occupy Sandy. In 2014 Gary returned after a year hiatus from organizing to act as a front of march marshall for the People's Climate March, and organize with the tactical group of Flood Wall Street. Gary has lived in Boulder for the last year and is organizing with the Rising Tide Network to facilitate actions such as October 28th's “Demonstration of the Future We Are Building” outside of the GOP Presidential Debate at CU's Coors Event Center.