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Casey Hanebuth

The Growing Project
Casey Hanebuth, The Growing Project, has been involved with the permaculture world for about five years. Casey has his Advanced Permaculture Design Certificate (accompanying an original PDC) and Soil Food Web Certification, as well as two AA's in both Sociology and Liberal Arts. He has taken courses in Perennial Polyculture Design, Aquaponics, Climate Battery Design, Herbalism, Wild Plant and Mushroom Identification, Rocket Mass Heater Design and much more. Currently, Casey is involved in building a Permaculture and Re-Wilding Education Center in the Northern Colorado Mountains. This center will bring rotating classes ranging from Permaculture to Survival Skills to Plant Identification to Community Building and everything else seeking minds wish to delve into. A 28-year old male lover of life, Casey seeks opportunity for change within our global culture. With the three values of permaculture in mind, Care of Earth, Care of People and Fairshare, Casey wishes to practice the continued growth of himself, healing of our humanity's relationship to the Earth and being a pillar for the social changes that we are in the midst of.