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Advance Registration
closes October 20th at 5pm. 
On-site registration will be available starting on Friday, October 23 at 12:00pm in the lobby of the Humanities Building.
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Bethy Love Light
Boulder, CO
Bethy Love Light is a Cosmic Word Wizard who performs Muzoetry. Muzoetry is Conscious Musical Poetry. It's a synergy of Enlightening Rap, Enlivening Songs and Invoking Chants, all synced with a variety of bodacious beats, spoken and sung in utter devotion to The Divine One that we are. Her musical performance is a creative collaboration of her live voice DJ'ed throughout original musical compositions incorporating mixes of sacred samples and inventive beats that have been orchestrated with a symphony of instruments such as the tablas, the didgeridoo, various African drums, the sitar, the electric piano, latin horns, congas, electronic beats, sounds of nature and many many more! The Muzoetry CD is a 64-minute, 30 track prayer for planet Earth. She has performed at Naropa University, The Tonic Herban Lounge, Brigitte Mar's Sacred Salons, The Agora Community Center, and Ling.