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Alesya Casse

Candelas Glows
Alesya Casse is an environmental activist working to raise awareness around the ongoing contamination concerns around Rocky Flats, a former nuclear weapons plant just south of Boulder. She continues to be a strong advocate for responsible nuclear waste management programs and after hearing about the environmental atrocities that took place at Rocky Flats from her father who took part in the clean up, and witnessing impacts first hand in the animals that recreate and live in the area, she couldn't stay quiet any longer. An outspoken community awareness advocate, Casse began to lead actions and community meetings all over the Arvada and Westminster areas, and started to partner with the group Candelas Glows. Shortly after, she joined forces withCandelas Glows, working in tandem with the founder, Michelle Gabrieloff Parish to regularly speak to groups such as Regis University, University of Colorado at Boulder and Naropa. She is now co-president of the group. Hailing from Boulder, Casse is a Colorado Native and a University of Colorado Boulder Alum. Currently she lives in the Denver Area with her husband and two dogs. For more information or to get in touch please visit www.candealsglows.com.